About Cumbria Catering Group

Cumbria Catering Ltd, The Rooster Cafe and Jacksons Butchers are all based in Penrith, Cumbria and run by businessman Frank Jackson.  Frank comes from a long line of butchers, with his Great Grandfather working as a butcher in the late 1800s.  Frank has always worked in the family business, from taking on a junior apprenticeship when he was young, moving into wholesale meat production and then developing the Cumbria Catering brand with the Rooster Cafe, Jacksons Butchers and Cumbria Catering Ltd.

Cumbria Catering is a family affair, with Adam (Frank’s brother) working in the butchers, their mum producing many pies and cakes for all three businesses and they also use some of their grandma’s traditional recipes in the menu at the Rooster Cafe.

Cumbria Catering has good old fashioned values at its heart and like to treat customers like they are part of the family.  Cumbria Catering provides excellent quality service, food of the highest standard and all at great value prices.