Buy local, avoid surprises!

Today is Cumbria Day in which people’s focus turns to our county and to the wonderful local food producers and the excellent quality of food that we produce up here. This issue has never been more important in people’s consciousness than now after the recent horse meat scandal, which has affected major supermarkets, suppliers and brands.

As a local family-run butchers, Jackson’s is proud to be able to produce good quality food, with meat sourced from local suppliers so you always know what you’re getting with us.Supply chain is key and we know where all our meat comes from unlike a lot of supermarket processed foods and ready meals. Shopping local with us means that you always know exactly what you’re getting, and that’s consistently high quality and good value meat.

Many people believe that shopping local can be expensive but with us that’s not the case. Jackson’s family butchers offers a variety of great deals each week and so making the switch doesn’t have to stretch your budget.

To read more about Jackson’s and our special offers, click here.

To read more about the rise in demand for Cumbrian meat, follow this link – Cumbria beef in demand following horse meat scandal

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